Cree XLamp® XP-G3 Photo Red LED

Cree XLamp® XP-G3 Photo Red LED provides 660-nanometer wavelengths that are ideal for horticulture applications. The light-emitting device's wavelength range aids in the photosynthesis process used in horticulture. XP-G3 LEDs are optimized for directional, high-lumen lighting applications where the efficacy and optical control are critical. The 3.45mm XP platform enables lighting manufacturers to simplify their design process and shorten time-to-market. XP-G3 LEDs are also available in royal blue and two white versions.


2.5°C/W low thermal resistance150°C maximum junction temperature1500mA maximum drive current125° to 130° wide viewing angleUnlimited floor life at = 30 ºC/85% RH


DirectionalDownlightsLow- and high-bayRoadway and parking